microsystems on silicon

MOS Services

With years of experience in the electronics industry, MOS designs integrated systems from concept to final product. Our main strength is the integration of analog and digital functions in one integrated circuit.

MOS offers ASIC customers a complete range of services from concept to series production of qualified products. Depending on customer requirements, the following entry points into design and manufacturing can be chosen from.


The customer approaches us with an idea for a design. From this idea, a specification is drawn up, the design process begins and ultimately leads to the silicon implementation.


The customer approaches us with a specification and the design is done according to the specification.


The customer has a design implemented on a field programmable gate array (FPGA) or a netlist in hardware description language (VHDL).

The complete chip design and manufacturing flow are shown via this link.

Experience in Mixed Signal Design

MOS is specializing in the design of mixed analog and digital circuits. They are often needed to integrate a complete system on one chip. Sigma-Delta Converters, Phase Lock Loops, Analog to Digital Converters, Digital to Analog Converters, Bandgap References and Low power oscillators have been implemented successfully in ASSPs and ASICs.