microsystems on silicon

ASIC Design Flow

  1. Design Consultation
  2. System Specification
  3. Logic Design
    The following link shows the basics of a CMOS logic design. Designs are done by drawing schematics or by writing VHDL code.
  4. Test Pattern(data) Generation
  5. Special Cell Design
    Existing blocks or cells can seldom be reused without modification. Examples of such cells are: sigma-delta converters, phase lock loops, analog to digital converters, and digital to analog converters, bandgap references and low power oscillators.
  6. Simulation
  7. Place and Route
  8. Post Layout Simulations
  9. Layout Verification (LVS DRC)
  10. Mask Generation (reticle tooling) -Subcontracted
  11. Wafer Fabrication -Subcontracted
    More information can be found on how semiconductors work at How Stuff Works
  12. Test Program Generation -Subcontracted
  13. Prototype Assembly and Test -Subcontracted
  14. Product Delivery
  15. Prototype Evaluation
  16. Production -Subcontracted