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New Product E931.08 17-bit ADC with temperature sensor

The E931.08 is a 17 bit low power analog to digital converter, suitable to be used in the 0.4 to 10Hz signal frequency range.
Input signals between -50mV and +50mV is converted to a digital 17bit value. The sampled signal is digitally filtered with a second order digital low pass filter.
A single wire Data Out, Clock In (DOCI) bus protocol is used to interfacing with a microcontroller (MCU).
The E931.08 also contains an on chip temperature measurement circuit with a resolution of better than 0.02K.
Typical applications for the device are;
– Interface between traditional PIR detectors and a MCU.
– Interface between a PIR based flame detectors and a MCU.
– Measure the temperature voltage of a cold junction Thermocouple.
– Interface between a thermopile and a MCU.

The integrated circuit is packaged in a cost effective SOIC-8 package.
Samples of the E931.08 Single Channel ADC are available for evaluation.

More technical information regarding the devices is available in the data sheet and application circuits on http://www.mos.co.za/?page_id=1271