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New Product E931.96 Ultra Low Power PIR Controller

The E931.96 is an ultra-low power programmable PIR controller integrated circuit. It is designed for wireless motion sensors that make use of a micro-controller (MCU) for managing RF communication.

The detection criteria is loaded into the E931.96 by the external micro-controller and can be adapted to the environmental conditions. Once the PIR controller has been configured, it will do the motion detection with very little power consumption. The micro-controller can remain in sleep mode and needs to be active only when woken up by the E931.96. The very low overall power consumption results in long battery lifetime for the wireless unit.

The on-board ADC can be configured to measure on chip temperature and supply voltage. The E931.96 contains a low noise voltage regulator for the power supply of the PIR detectors.

Up to two conventional PIR detectors can be connected to the high impedance differential input.

The E931.96 is available in a SOIC-8 package.

Samples of the E931.96 ultra-low power PIR controller are available for evaluation.

More technical information regarding the devices is available in the data sheet and application circuits on the PIR Motion Controller Products page of this web site.