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PIR Motion Controller Products

The MOS Integrated CMOS circuits provide a cost effective solution for motion detection and temperature measurement.

Digital signal processing minimizes the requirement for external components and maximizes system reliability.

The PIR controller circuits can be operated with common conventional analog PIR detectors

MOS Product Feature List

Function General purpose PIR controller IC PIR controller for mains powered applications PIR controller IC for Alarm sensors PIR controller for mains and DC powered applications Ultra-low power PIR controller 17 bit PIR ADC with temperature sensor
Device name E931.97 E931.98 E910.92 E910.99 E931.96 E931.08
PIR motion detection IC ADC
Differential analog inputs
Relay output
LED Output

On chip voltage regulator
Temperature measurement

Configuration adjustment inputs

Configuration with serial interface

Load switch on mains zero crossing

Require MCU

DOCI™ interface

Current consumption 15uA* 15uA* 120uA 120uA 7uA 15uA
Package TSSOP-14 SOIC-14 TSSOP-14 SOIC-14 SOIC-20 SOIC-20 SOIC-8 SOIC-8