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Integrated Circuits for Digital PIR ADCs

This comprehensive range of signal processor ICs provide cost effective solutions for various motion and gas detector applications.
The new generation digital detectors combine the sensor element(s) and the PIR signal processor in one package. The signal from the sensor element and the on chip temperature (= ambient temperature) are converted to digital values. An external microcontroller (┬ÁC) connected to the digital sensor via the serial DOCI (Data Out – Clock In) interface contains the software and therefore the functionality of the equipment.

All MOS products are CMOS based and manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

The new generation digital and smart detectors based on MOS integrated circuits eliminate the need for any analog circuitry.

Learn how to read PIR data form digital detectors with a microcontroller.

One wire DOCI interface PIR signal processor ICs

Device name E910.91 E931.06 E910.62
Differential PIR inputs channels 1 1 2
Filter Resolution Butterworth, HPF, 6.5uV Butterworth, HPF, 6.5uV Butterworth, HPF, 6.5uV
Temperature register None 80 counts/K 80 counts/K
Power Supply
2.7V to 5V

2.7V to 3.6V

2.7V to 3.6V
Supply Current 40uA 10uA 30uA
PIR voltage data bits 14 14+14 14+14+14
DOCI™ interface