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Low Power PIR detector controller – Motion sensing IC


The E910.97 contains all functions to manufacture a PIR detector that indicates movement directly without any additional signal processing components.

The single channel, E910.97 integrated circuit is designed to be assembled inside a windowed 6/4 pin detector can or ceramic package. Both input channels bond directly to a dual element pyro ceramic element inside the can. No additional components are needed inside the detector can/enclosure. All signal processing is performed digitally.

Detected motion is signaled through the push-pull REL output. A digital input OEN enables REL output.

The inputs for sensitivity (SENS) and on-time (OT) allow the user to choose from a wide range of settings.

The integrated shunt voltage regulator can be activated by the user through the ENVREG input. The E910.97 can be operated directly from batteries or regulated supply voltages ranging from 2.7 to 3.6V. In this case, the voltage regulator needs to be switched off and the user can benefit from the very low current consumption

The E910.97 integrated circuit features various test modes that enables the detector manufacturer to quickly test and verify functionality of manufactured detectors.

The E910.97 PIR detector controller IC is available without restrictions to manufactures of PIR detectors. The devices are sold per as die on wafer.


  • Self contained PIR detector


  • Digital signal processing
  • On chip supply shunt regulator with enable
  • Low power consumption
  • Instantaneous settling after power up
  • Insensitive to RF interference
  • Excellent power supply rejection
  • Motion detect output (REL)
  • Inputs for sensitivity, on time and daylight sensor