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Single channel PIR Detector Signal Processor IC


The single channel, E931.06 integrated circuit is designed to be assembled inside a IR windowed 3 pin detector can or ceramic enclosure. The IR sensitive pyro-ceramic element is bonded directly to the input pads of the integrated circuit.

A 14 bit digital voltage value as well as a 14 bit temperature register value is available to be read by an external micro controller via a single wire serial interface (DOCITM).

A 14 bit resolution is achieved with a decimation filter combined with a second order Butterworth low pass filter.

A interrupt is generated every 15ms to signal that a data word is available from the detector. It is also possible to read values from the detector with time intervals generated by the micro-controller.

Multiple detectors can easily be read simultaneously by a single micro controller.


  • Dual element digital PIR detectors


  • Direct connection to the pyro ceramic element
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Differential PIR input
  • Single wire serial interface (DOCITM)
  • Operating voltage down to 2.7V
  • High dynamic range
  • High Signal to Noise ratio
  • High power supply rejection