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PIR Controller IC for Motion Detection Systems


The E910.92 (M2006C) integrated circuit combines all required functions for a single chip PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion detector for use in alarm systems. Apart from the sensor and the controller IC, only two supply bypass capacitors, a protection diode and the RC-oscillator pull-up resistor are required for operation.

One or two passive infra red sensor elements can be connected to detect movement. All signal processing is performed digitally, thereby eliminating temperature drift, associated with many analog PIR controllers. The filter signal is compensated with the ambient temperature so that the sensitivity may be increased around 37 Degrees.

When the amplitude of the filtered signal exceeds the selected threshold, an internal pulse is generated and the LED output is activated. The amount of pulses required for an alarm condition can be set between 1 and 4. Four different TRUE-ROLLâ„¢ time windows can be selected for maximum flexibility.


  • PIR motion detection systems
  • PIR occupancy detectors
  • Outdoor/indoor security lights
  • Energy savings applications
  • Light pollution prevention


  • Complete PIR detector with 1 chip and 5 external components
  • On chip supply regulator (VSUPPLY=5 to 18V)
  • Digital signal processing eliminates drift
  • Pulse count selectable from 1 to 4
  • 4 TRUE-ROLLâ„¢ time windows
  • 9 Sensitivity settings
  • Very fast settle time on power up