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New Product E931.98 PIR Controller for Mains Powered Applications

The E931.98 is a PIR controller for passive infrared (PIR) applications that operates in conjunction with a conventional PIR detector. E931.98 is most suitable for mains powered outdoor motion sensor lights.

Detection is based on a one pulse algorithm. All signal processing is digital. When motion is detected, the device switches the relay output (REL) at a predetermined time, so the load is switched on during mains voltage zero crossing. The algorithm implemented tracks the mains frequency and the characteristics of the relay that includes the delay from energising the coil until contacts are closed, relay aging, and coil supply voltage.

The OEN input enables or disables motion detection for day night sensing. The LED output is activated when the PIR detector voltage is above the threshold that is defined by the sensitivity input (SENS) of the device. It is possible to adjust the detection sensitivity and the output on-time (ONTIME) to suit most applications.

The built in shunt regulator (ENREG) enables the device to be used in a variety of applications with various supply voltages without the need for additional external components.

The integrated circuit is available in an SOIC-14 package.

The E931.98 PIR controller is in Production. Samples are available for evaluation.

More technical information regarding the devices is available in the data sheet and application circuits on the PIR Motion Controller Products page of this web site.